to the rise to 



The rise to empowerment was created by

paris Vaughan

A women's empowerment coach


on one heck of a mission


to reach a million ladies


in order to show them


they too

can become a ruler of their own lives.


You can expect to find everything from:

Digital Downloads, Essential Oils, Crystal Healing, EFT & TFT Tapping, Coaching Courses, Youtube Videos for living with autoimmune conditions & Guided Meditations.

I have a passion for using an holistic approach to healing and practice different techniques daily to live a life full of Empowerment.

My Promise:

 I am committed to helping you Rise to Empowerment 

Self Love Kit



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Self Love Guided Meditation

*Digital Download*

Crystal Healing

An holistic approach that uses crystals like

Quartz and Amethyst to help heal the body by either boosting low energy, releasing blocked energy and or blocking bad energy.

Crystals can be used to protect your home from negativity using different placements around the home.

They can help combat anxiety, stress, trauma, sleeping problems etc.

As well as increase energy, focus, happiness, love, communication, abundance, protection and more.

To find out more about crystals that can help you:



Accepting Change

Knowledge is Power

Boost your Mood


Sleeping Pattern

Saying "No"

Self Care


Owning your Worth

Ignore the Inner Bitching!

Gratitude & Affirmations

Get support!

Remember, your health doesn't define you!

Essential oils


Essential oils have a large range of medicinal and therapeutic properties.

They have been used for many many years as an holistic alternative.

They have been used to ease stress, increase mood, aid sleep and relieve pain and much more.

Essential oils can be used in many ways for example by:

  • Defusing it in the air

  • Applying it topically

  • Inhaling 

  • Pillow sprays

  • Bath and shower blends

To find out more about Essential oils:

Meditation by the Sea

Join The 


The Women's Empowerment Hub

A place where we as women can connect from anywhere in the world in order to support, rise up and love each other on our journey's through life.

A calming place to spread positivity and share ideas that can help each other through the good and bad days!

A safe space to share your journey and ask for support, with the opportunity to support others. 

Looking for some quick tips on living with an autoimmune condition?

Here's where its at!

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When I first started working with Paris I was overwhelmed


lacked confidence and had no work/life balance.

Paris is very easy to talk to,


I am so happy and thankful that she helped me step out of my comfort zone...


R. Knight

...I have previously suffered with not feeling enough as I have an autoimmune disease and Paris has a world of knowledge about this topic.


She made me feel like I am worthy enough and I can achieve anything I can put my mind to.

I have regained massive confidence.


If you are looking for a coach Paris is the person who can help you.

B. Divisova