Hey I'm Paris,

As a Women's Empowerment Coach I help ladies using an holistic approach, to find Empowerment and regain control of their lives in order to achieve their goals.

I also provide specialist support for women with autoimmune conditions.

It is my passion to heal myself and help heal others.


I am on a mission to reach a million women and show them they too can become the ruler of their lives.

Ive always been the caring type ever since I was a kid, I loved on everybody and always wanted to see them happy. It didn’t matter who you were- I wanted to be your friend.


So much so my best friend at the age of 11 was a fierce old lady in her 60s, I met her one afternoon when she was cutting back her flowers and asked if I could have a rose for my mum and nan, our friendship blossomed and it was that way for several years!


I bloody loved Doreen and often find myself thinking back to them times.

but thats only part of my story

Through childhood trauma’s and immense bullying through my teenage years I always tried to find the bright side to cling on to.


But deep down I was lost!


I had no direction, no real confidence in myself. I felt like I was letting life pass me by.

Every time I started down a path it would come to a dead end.


Little did I know back then it was because I was supposed to be here doing this.

In 2012 I took drastic action and within 6 days I up and left home and moved to Essex to become a full-time live-in volunteer at an emergency homeless shelter.


It was the most exciting, nerve racking, eye-opening experience of my life.


It was an adventure that took me in every crazy direction you could possibly imagine.


I craved the unknown it would bring daily – even the danger, sorry mum.


I immersed myself into their lives and met some wonderful people, some not so good people and had experiences you would only think belonged in action movies.


Murder, Mystery and Mayhem... literally!


Grounding- A way to connect to the universe & re-energise.

I was changed forever and come home from that experience with a fire in me and I knew I was meant to be here to serve others and help them change their lives around.


I thought the way forward was going to be working with youth offenders, but i'm sure you can guess what happened there.


Here I was making plans and trying to find a way in… but everything once again came to a blinding holt when I nearly died.


For a second time in my life everything was changed forever.


Tree hugging isn't just for hippies! lol

Connecting to Mother Earth and the Universe by being outside helps to bring you into the present moment, releases stress and helps to clear your mind.

I was rushed into hospital after 3 months of back and forth with my health declining daily with yet another wrong diagnosis of pleurisy.


It was only then they realised and told me how lucky I was to have come in when I did.




I definitely didn’t feel lucky in that moment.


I was told I had multiple clots on both lungs, then all the tests begun.


Within days I was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS)


an autoimmune condition that causes blood clots.


Completely overwhelmed and not being able to concentrate on what the specialists were trying to tell me,

it was like my brain had switched off and could not retain information,


I later found out this was brain fog,


a nifty little side effect that came along with my new diagnosis.


Smile- even if you don't feel 

like it. Its scientifically proven to Boost you mood immediately.

My life had imploded!


My new normal had become cold waiting rooms and repeated tests. I was put on medication for life, was told that things would never return to normal and that I would have to just get on with things and live with the pain ever day, along with the side effects.


Not knowing what to say, do or think my emotions hit like tidal waves one minute, feeling sad the next feeling angry.


They say its normal to go through all the emotions after such a traumatic event but I was numb to it all and found myself hiding away from the people closest to me.

This was my coping mechanism- Detachment.

My confidence at rock bottom kept me closed off from the people around me that cared.


This time it took a lot more work on myself to crawl my way back.


I’ve walked the edge more than once.


but I knew deep down that thinking I had to give up on my dreams was wrong,


I just had to learn to adapt…


This soon became my superpower!


I decided that it was time to take back control.


But how?


Well… it started by looking into the law of attraction and self-help books.


If I wanted change my life I had to change MY life


starting from the inside out.


I spent hours searching the internet for ways to live life on my terms.

That’s when I came across my lightbulb moment!


An opportunity that offered me the chance to continue my dreams of helping people at the same time as helping myself.

By having the freedom to run my own business from home or anywhere with an internet connection.


All whilst fitting it in around my health and wellbeing.


This is where the journey of self discovery truly began, I laughed, cried and faced fears head on.


Time to spice up your life with a bit of colour- Wearing bright clothes triggers the happy hormones in the brain and boosts your mood.

Blossom into a badass women with more faith than fear!

I learnt to roll with the punches by adapting and accepting life as it was in the moment.


Finding balance in a world of crazy by putting myself first, owning my worth and saying


goodbye to the inner bitching!

I was back, but as a new improved and empowered self!


I can honestly say that I am truly grateful for what I have been through as it has made me


who I am today.


I am living proof that you can find Empowerment and regain control of your life.


I learnt that you can either adapt and change or stay stuck.

I graduated as an Accredited Women’s Empowerment Coach.

With tools and techniques to help you Rise

to Empowerment.

Putting yourself first isn't selfish, 

it's selfless.

Self-love is of upmost importance for you mindset.

You can't pour from an empty cup... So this is your reminder to regularly take time for yourself and fill that baby back up to the brim x 

Every day I choose to live and breathe my passion and be the ruler of my life that I am meant to be in order to inspire others to do the same.



International Accredited 

Women's Empowerment 

Coach Feb 2020 



EFT/TFT tapping practitioner

 July 2020 


Ultimate Launch Online Business Training Course June 2020  

I continuously strive to learn as I go in order to help support myself and ladies going forward.

I recently became an accredited Aromatherapist and am currently working towards my crystal healing course.

I have also spent many years in the care sector working with a wide range of clients including those with learning and physical difficulties, mental health conditions, emotional unstable personality disorder (EUPD) schizophrenia and those with drug and alcohol addictions.


This has given me an insight on how to adapt and work with different individuals at


their personal level and I know this will only benefit my work going forward.


Everyone is born with Confidence, Some just have to re-find it along the way.

So just think how it will feel to be Empowered and In Control of your own life.

Living a balanced life full of confidence and excitement for the future.

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