Where It Truly Began...

Updated: May 9, 2020

Let me take you back to 2017!

Shortly after bringing in the new year of 2017 I became ill.

I spent 3 months back and forth to the doctors and 1 trip to A&E with severe chest pains. The doctors kept saying it was a chest infection and kept dosing me up with a multitude of antibiotics that didn’t do anything.

Then the trip to A&E resulted in being told I had pleurisy, Again they were wrong.

March 12th 2017 I was taken by ambulance to hospital with extreme chest and lower back pain.

Through hours of waiting and testing I found out that I had multiple clots on both lungs and was lucky to be alive had I not gone to hospital when I had things could have been a lot different.

A short while later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) which they believe was the cause of the clots.

Since that day my life has completely changed.

I’m one of the lucky ones that suffer with most of the side effects of APS. Yippee!

But here I am through it all still happy and grateful to be me!

Some days are worse then others and I live with chronic pain but I’m LIVING!

That’s a reason to be happy!

Through the uncertainty of it all I have hope!

Yes I’ve had to adjust to a new normal but that hasn’t and will not stop me from reaching my goals and dreams.

My biggest hope by sharing my story with you is that I may be able to provide inspiration so don't give up on your goals and dreams!

Just know that you can always Rise back up and be Confident and Empowered though what ever life throws at you!

Much Love


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