Coaching Testimonials


I have been coached by Paris for 12 weeks and though that time I have discovered so much through the powerful questions she asked me in our 1:2:1 session.

I have previously suffered with not feeling enough as I have an autoimmune disease and Paris has a world of knowledge about this topic.


She made me feel like I am worthy enough and I can achieve anything I can put my mind to.

I have regained massive confidence.


If you are looking for a coach Paris is the person who can help you.


Thank you Paris

B. Divisova


When I first started working with Paris I was overwhelmed, lacked confidence and had no work/life balance.

She provided a safe space where I felt comfortable to open up and express my feelings.


Paris is very easy to talk to, I am so happy and thankful that she helped me step out of my comfort zone, In order to take actionable steps to make changes I was too scared to make before.

We worked on my confidence and I have taken strides to change certain areas of my life.


Paris helped me realise I am able to say "No" in order to have balance in my life.


The techniques she has taught and shown me will help

as I continue forward on my journey.


I am forever grateful to Paris for everything she helped me realise and overcome.


If you are looking to rebuild your Confidence, regain Balance in your life and feel Empowered


Then I would recommend Paris!

R. Knight